In May of 2014 The Noble South opened its doors and began crafting a restaurant based on a fresh farm-to-table approach. With a clear vision of incorporating the highest quality seasonal ingredients with style, The Noble South leans into relationships with local farms that use organic practices, culinary collegaues and consumers resulting in the rich tradition of Southern fare with a lighter and fresher appeal. Proximity and supporting our local and surrounding communities are at the forefront of our philosophy. By minimizing the distance between the growers and our tables we ensure that only the freshest ingredients make it to our menus while allowing us to do our part in reducing the environmental impact of transporting food longer distances.

A true farm-to-table restaurant that uses only the freshest ingredients from local farmers so the menu is ever-changing.


Seasonal Vegetables; harvested from small farms within a two-hour radius of the restaurant. Seafood; fresh from the Gulf. Meats; supplied from regional farms that practice ethical treatment of animals. The Noble South loves supporting local farms that use organic practices and raise their animals ethically.